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Get To Know: Joyce Becker

This appears in the March 5 editions of Spotlight Newspapers.

COLUMN: Ask Your Daughter - In my afternoon of life

I have been a bit on the fluffy side (I refuse to say overweight) for most of my adult life. And I have always taken a perverse kind of pride that despite the dire forewarnings about my spotty eating habits and non-existing exercise regime; I was healthy. Then I reached the afternoon of my life (late 50’s) and without any provocation, my body announced its resignation. My less than stellar food choices caught up with me, and for the first time, I am concerned that I may not be aging well.

COLUMN: Healthy Living - 6 ways to keep your mind sharp

The National Institute of Health’s National Institute of Aging identify certain risk factors such as age and genetics that are out of a person’s control. However, there are several areas that we can modify that may help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.

COLUMN: Ask Your Daughter: Let me be your virtual daughter

Monika Boeckmann is the Executive Director at Senior Services of Albany. She is also the daughter of Christian and Gerlinde, two Austrian immigrants who moved their family to America in 1968. She is full of good information and ready to be your daughter too.

COLUMN: Legal Chat - No, thank you

What if I want to refuse to accept something that a relative left me in his will?

COLUMN: Healthy Living - The best anti-aging plan: Exercise

I can hear some moans and groans at the thought of exercising as the way to prevent aging. I hear you… but exercise does not have to be going to a gym and sweating for an hour.

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COLUMN: Healthy Living - 10 Ways to Improve Sleep

Sleep deprivation affects your health; so before you end up exhausted and sick, try these tips.

COLUMN: Legal Chat - What to do when a will is not clear

Q. My late grandfather’s will includes some instructions that are ambiguous. Depending on how you read it, either my sister or I should receive his antique cars. What do you do when a will has ambiguous language?

COLUMN: Healthy Living - No more New Year's resolutions

This year, instead of making your resolution a big change that will be difficult to maintain long-term unless someone is keeping you accountable, try choosing small changes that you can follow daily.

Medicare may help with outpatient treatment

A reader asks Marci, "I receive outpatient mental health treatment for substance abuse. How much will Medicare pay for my treatment?"

Age discrimination a growing problem

With baby boomers getting older and competition for positions fierce, many employed and unemployed workers suspect their age is a factor behind their inability to get a promotion or a new job

Earn (and keep) more money

You probably already know that there was an increase in Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) monthly payments at the beginning of the year. If you receive monthly Social Security or SSI payments, you received a 3.6 percent cost-of-living adjustment beginning with your payment for the month of January 2012. For people who receive Social Security retirement benefits, there’s more good news.

February 2012 Editor's Letter

Louis Vaccaro took a long route to Albany, and not just because it’s clear across the country from his native Los Angeles.

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The Family Chow

Thai cuisine at Blue Spice is just right

Adventures in family dining across the Capital District.

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Let's Cook!

Start their morning off right with a nutrition-packed smoothie

Kids can grab a quick breakfast with this yummy smoothie recipe.